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b&b via toledo 156


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Grandmothers used to say this (and with Neapolitan grandmothers you don’t ‘pazzea’, you don’t joke). We respect this teaching and offer you a rich Neapolitan breakfast: caprese cake, little tarts, ‘sfugliatelle’, croissants, mignòn pastries with the accent strictly at the end, to remind you of the French influences on Neapolitan cuisine! All nicely blended with a cup of Neapolitan coffee – that is, just coffee, because outside of Naples it is not coffee.

In the meantime, you can ask Alessandro for advice on where to go, where to stop for a snack – yes, you are right, in Naples we always talk about eating – and get suggestions for the evening. The morning has gold in its mouth, someone says: the gold of freshly baked puff pastry, preferably filled with cream, ricotta or chocolate, we add.

A gluten-free breakfast is also available on request.

Breakfast times are from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

For our guests who wish to have breakfast earlier than the aforementioned times, we issue a ticket with a bar located about 50 metres away.